Hanassy R&D LTD IL: Product development outsoaring for HITEC domain and state of the art innovations

Build it by yourself:
– Can you program? Use Arduino- it takes 10min to learn how to program and burn it to the prototyping chip.
– Controlling servo motors and reading sensors is easy – just connect them to the card.
– Use paper and plastic boards, it is not a shame improvising in order to proof a beautiful idea.

– Our experience, recourses, skills and knowledge will help saving time and money while creating a quality prototype for commercialization purposes.
– We provide a platform that will push the product toward optimized production.
– Our team integrate the skills and knowledge of experienced product development and engineers together with young engineers’ ambition.
– We use a strict documentation procedure that will help preserving the prototype information and ease the next development steps

This is totally dependent on the kind of work you want us to do. Total expanses of a turnkey procedure for you may vary between few hundreds of dollars to few hundred thousands of dollars depend on the product complexity, size and technology.

Good product development and engineering processes integrates the output of several stages. Each stage has its own expenses.

The product development stages usually composed of:

1.Price offer and contract
2.Initiation, research and preliminary IP
3.Preliminary/conceptual design review
4.Detailed design review
5.Fast prototyping I
6.QA and fixing
7.Documentation (Product file and BOM)
8.Prototyping II and Optimization
9.Preliminary production and pilots
10.Set up a product line

– All expenses will be detailed in a “price offer” document.
– We guarantee to set a fixed price before the execution of the stages until the first stage of prototyping.
– We guarantee to set a fixed price before the execution of each stage.
– You pay for the materials.
– You will be responsible for the additional expenses resulted from your delays.

In many cases we can match a prototyping program for any budget.

Like expenses, this is much depended on the kind of work. But to be more practice, try to divide your project into several milestones. If you think that there is a place to run a total turnkey (see above) procedure on one of the sub-project you should consider dividing your work into several projects. This will give you a better estimate how much time it could take.

In many cases we can match a Gant to your project horizon requirements.

Hanassy R&D LTD guaranties to specify all deliverable times required by the client in the price offer and to be on time for all of those requirements. Yet, it is really dependent on your collaboration.

NO!!! this is the time to ask the right questions:
1.Is it really a product or just a science fiction movie?
2.Does your idea have any business opportunities?
3.Does it non- trivial?
4.Did you published your idea?
5.Is it possible to collaborate?
6.When was your idea published in relative to what you found?

In general, dealing with intellectual property should consider ……
1.Expensive and safe alternative – find a good IP layer and pay a few thousands of dollars to write a patent after you will pay him to run a professional IP search
2.Cheaper but problematic alternative- register a provisional request at the PTO. Write it yourself (few dollars) or ask a layer (few more dollars).
3.Don’t have money alternative-if you want to be able to use your IP commercially at the future and don’t want to pay anything for IP, you should consider exposing it in some other way:
1. Ask someone you can trust to witness your invention formally by singing a written declaration.
2. go to a public relations firm or publish an article somewhere

It takes time for the search engines to learn your interest and bring you the right results.