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The most appreciated inventors off all times where uneducated autodidacts or didn’t show any remarkable deductive abilities at the beginning. Tomas Edison and Albert Einstein are good examples for talented people who their independent inventions and discoveries changed the way we understand the world and engaged a revolution. Yet, many years since those revolutions took place no efforts were made to support those kinds of people.

One should imagine what would had happened if nobody important had read Einstein famous article (“On the electrodynamics of moving bodies”) because he wasn’t connected to anyone famous. Therefore, a pioneering and significant effort is needed to create a platform for such kind of inventors which, we believe, are looking all the time for someone to fully support them in the invention development process from the beginning providing them with fair opportunities. In the other side, investors are always looking for new brilliant minds.

As a conclusion, a good platform is needed to aid coordinate and mediate those two forces in the name of future important inventions. We call students and private people with ideas no matter where you are, no matter what you do, if you have an idea and you believe in it, and you believe in yourself, this is the right address!

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