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We provide full support for all the phases of product development: from creating the initiation document trough the CDR and PDR to the production and transfer phase. We manage projects with different perimeters by first classifying the project according to its size and developing a compatible program according to its time scale and development horizon.

Big and complex project containing multiple projects

This category contains a full continuous projects decided by an organization to be carried out as outsourcing. It refers to more than one year longproject with a very long or unknown development horizon. Usually those projects will be divided into several sub-projects which will be managed by several sub-groups. Those are most common in the military and hi-tech domain. 

To understand the complex of your project it is useful to use this table marking V in the right place if you think the product of your project should contain one or more of those components:

Component name



Database system

Analysis or a DSP system

Feedback and control system


Computer chip, nano-controler, FPGA

“On the shelf” Sensors

Special (novel) sensor

Digital I/O system

Analog acquisition device

Mechanics (And electro-mechanics)

Envelope for a device

Mechanical structure

Mechanical cosmetic design

Ergonomically design

Volume more than 10^3cm

Volume more than 100^3cm

Volume less than 10^3cm

No. of comp. less than 10

No. of comp. less than 100

No. of comp. more than 100

Special components








RF rec./trans.

Microwave rec./trans.


Microphone/ Speakers.