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Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy and Management Advisory Firm

In the last twelve years Leading Edge provided entrepreneurship, business strategy and management consulting services to various medical (including pharmaceutical, agro and medical devices), clean-tech, renewable energy and other hi-tech start-ups and joint ventures, including, without limitation, with respect to the development of their evolving businesses and technological entrepreneurships, the establishment, analysis and creation of their business strategy, business model, marketing research, applicable economical models and business plan, capital raising, screening of various projects, and re-organization.

A typical work involves business development as well as the design and the implementation of the client’s business strategy (e.g. establishing a new division through a series of mergers and acquisitions, conducting business negotiations on behalf of the client, designing new activities through joint ventures with leading global corporations, creating and implementing recovery reorganization plans, etc.).

Leading Edge Consultants is headed by Mr. Reuven Ulmansky and backed by a team of business and technological experts whose wealth of experience in managing business and government oriented organizations providing customers with practical solutions and improved operational and financial performance. Mr. Ulmansky is a veteran of the elite 8200 technology intelligence unit of the Israeli Defense Force, an aeronautical engineer and he holds an MBA degree. A strategy and economic consultant, Mr. Ulmansky is an adjunct Professor at the Guildford Glazer Faculty of Business & Management in Ben-Gurion University in Israel, teaching entrepreneurship, strategy and technology innovation. Mr. Ulmansky held a variety of senior managerial posts in large international and Israeli organizations such as Intel Corporation (Director and Finance Manager) and Koor Industries Pharmaceutical group (Senior Executive VP for Finance and Business Development), and served as a technology expert in Israel Aircraft Industries.

Reuven Ulmansky


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